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Morriston Park offers a variety of options. Residents living in our Home pay a fee for accommodation that is based on the type or style of accommodation.  Morriston Park offers "Preferred” accommodation, which is a private or semi-private room, as well as “Basic” or “Standard” accommodation. (Currently only 2 beds due to COVID) The services listed below are all available to Morriston Park residents and payment for these services is included in the cost of accommodation

  • Resident focused nursing and personal care 24 hours per day
  • Call system in every resident room
  • Medical care and supervision available within the facility
  • Pharmacy services
  • Administration of medications
  • Medical supplies and nursing equipment necessary for resident care
  • Continence care products which are environmentally responsible
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Supplies and equipment for personal hygiene
  • Therapeutic programs –e.g. physiotherapy, social work
  • Mobility Aids for general use – e.g. cane, walker, wheelchair (lending library)
  • Nursing Restorative Program
  • Onsite Behaviour Support Ontario Team
  • Jacks for telephone
  • Resident recreational and social activities and special events including related supplies and equipment
  • Spiritual and Religious Care activities and services,
  • Nutritional services, 3 meals and 3 snacks daily
  • Dietician assessment and therapeutic diets, dietary supplements
  • Devices enabling residents to feed themselves
  • Housekeeping services
  • Linen – sheets, blankets, bed spread, towels, face cloths, pillows and cases
  • Machine washing and drying of personal laundry
  • Labelling of resident clothing
  • Maintenance of building and equipment
  • Facilitation of meetings of Resident Advisory Council and Famiy Council
  • Volunteer resources
  • Library services including daily newspapers
  • Security systems
  • Personal funds maintained/entrusted in Morriston's Trust
  • Mail delivery service
  • General administrative services
  • Local telephone service
  • Satisfaction Surveys and Quality Improvement program
  • Parking, designated disabled parking


Optional services are available for a fee- they are not included in your monthly rate. 


Please note as well, that Residents are not required to purchase care, services or goods from the home, and you may purchase such things from other providers (with some restrictions applicable to Pharmacy Services).


Other services are available to residents at Morriston for which there is additional cost:


  • TV connection and monthly charges for resident’s personal use
  • Specialized foot care services – available on site
  • Dental and denturist services – may be available on site
  • Scribing of dentures for identification (No charge when done by Morriston)
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aids and hearing aid batteries
  • Hairdressing and barber services
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Newspaper subscription delivered to the resident’s room
  • Non-prescription drugs, medication and treatment products not available through
  • the Ontario government pharmaceutical and medical supplies
  • Preferred accommodation fees
  • Custom assessment for rental or purchase of walkers, wheelchairs
  • Telephone connection and monthly charges for resident’s personal use
  • Transportation services (Taxi, Land Transfer Service, etc.)
  • Reservation and use of resident activity spaces for private in-house functions
  • Tuck Shop purchases
  • In-house clothing and shoe sales from mobile vendors
  • Guest meals




Long term care is part of the province’s health care system and publicly funded on a cost-shared basis with residents. The province pays for health care and related programs and services (about two thirds of the total cost), and the resident pays the remaining, which covers room and board type services and any costs for private or accommodation.  The amount paid by residents for their LTC Home accommodation is called a "co-payment".  The co-payment contributes to the meal and accommodation services received by residents in LTC Homes.


The MOHLTC sets co-payment rates for accommodation.   The co-payment rates change from time to time (usually, annually).


These rates are set by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.   Homes are not permitted to charge you anymore that the maximum amount set out by the Ministry.


Residents of LTC Homes who choose to stay in a semi-private or private room are required to pay a higher rate than basic accommodation.  All residents admitted to preferred accommodation in a LTC Home are required to sign an agreement which provides details of the co-payment rate they will be required to pay on a daily/monthly basis.




Residents in a long-stay or interim bed with basic accommodation, who cannot afford to pay for the LTC co-payment, may be eligible to have their co-payment amount reduced. This is known as a rate reduction.  Rate reduction process allows for greater fairness and consistency in the calculation of your accommodation fee to better reflect your ability to pay using available income.  What this means is that you may be able to apply to keep some of your income to support dependents or to exclude certain income sources from the calculation of your income.


Residents in basic accommodation may apply upon admission or date of transfer to a

basic room and annually on July 1 thereafter for a reduction in the accommodation copayment rate.


To apply for a rate reduction, you or your lawful representative must complete a rate reduction application form and submit it to the homes Administrator.  As part of the application you will be required to provide a copy of the Notice of Assessment (NOA) from the most recent tax year (some variables apply).


If you need assistance to apply for a rate reduction, please speak to the Administrator of Morriston.  She will be able to provide you with direct assistance including help filling out an application form.


If your question or concern cannot be answered, please call the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Homes Action Line at 1-866-434-0144. 




Morriston Park maintains a financial management system that provides residents with the opportunity of retaining money in Morriston’s specifically designated accounts.

Personal Trust account is for the management of each resident's personal funds.

These funds come through deposits by the resident or his/her representative.

They are non-interest bearing accounts and the balance cannot exceed $5,000.

Residents are strongly urged not to retain any significant amount of money in their

rooms or on their person. Personal Trust monies can be withdrawn Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm. with the exception of holidays at the Administrators office.



Morriston Park supports the activity of a Resident Council. Residents may get

involved by attending the monthly meetings. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to Morriston's Administrator.  . Minutes of Council meetings are posted on the notice board and the response to minutes from the Administrator are also posted. 




Morriston Park encourages the activity of a Family Council. Family members are invited to participate in this council. Currently we do not have an established Family Council. 

The purpose of such a council is to support Morriston Park  families by sharing

experiences and information. It encourages communication between families and the

Home. Through their meetings, solutions to common problems are sought. If at any time you wish to form such a council, please speak to the Administrator and she will assist in any way possible.



Morriston Park’s attending Physician is Dr. Lind Holland. She has been the attending Physician at Morriston Park for many years. She has her own family practice in Dundas, and is easily accessible to Morriston Park. New residents may keep their present Physician if that Physician is willing to meet the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Standards. (i.e. physical assessments every year, medication assessments every 4 months etc).  Families and Residents have the right to retain their own Physician or RN (EC) to perform the required services.  Most families and new residents prefer to switch to Dr. Holland for convenience, and regular communication.


Dr. Holland can be reached at:

1436 Brock Road                              

R.R. #4 Dundas Ont.

L9H 5E4

Phone – 905-659-1663